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    Punk Studded Red & Black Halloween Costume Womens Biker Leather Jacket

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    Punk Studded Red & Black Halloween Costume Womens Biker Leather Jacket.

    An instigative looking jacket is always commodity that takes down the mind and attention of a person in no time and when it comes to taking a look at similar beauty one may need to have this kind of beauty which is all finished in the most swish manner. This Heartless Asylum Jacket is manufactured using the stylish quality leather being a choice between genuine and faux leather and has been handed with the timber in red and black in color. This Studded Jacket has an inner which is finished using the viscose material that's enough comforting and swish too and also at the same time enhances the lifetime of the jacket. This Biker Jacket has a frontal check of slanted zip style and the collars are all renovated with super studs. The sleeves are in full length and the edges have the belts featured. This Speckled Biker Leather Jacket is a beauty which is also flourished with the pockets and looks graceful in numerous aspects. This inhuman shelter Speckled Jacket may be the stylish choice to be carried on all kinds of unproductive occasions without a mistrustfulness and looks fabulous in all respects.

    This jacket belongs to movie.
    It can be used on multiple occasions, like Halloween, Cosplay, Comic on, Christmas, Fashion Biker, Street wear and also who loves this Studded style.

    Product Details:

    Material: Premium Quality Faux & Real Sheepskin Leather
    Lining: Polyester
    Color: Red & Black
    Pocket: Two Inside & Five Outside
    Accessories: Original YKK's
    Fastening: Zipper
    Care: Dry-Clean only
    Suitable For All Seasons
    Style: Studded/ Punk / Halloween / Biker

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