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    Akira Capsule Logo Halloween Costume Cordura Cotton Light Weight Casual Mens Jacket

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    Akira Kaneda Capsule Pill Leather Jacket

    Akira Manga! Who Doesn’t Know It?

    Shotaro Kaneda is one of the main characters or protagonists of the Japanese comical series Akira Manga or anime franchise. Kaneda leads a crew called Bosozoku gang and has been buddies with Tetsuo Shima since youth. The character is a symbol of defiance and courage.

    He's occasionally careless and follows through with his thing without supposing big, which causes him trouble sometimes. Kaneda is a caring personality and looks out for the well- being of the members of the gang.

    Japanese Cyberpunk Revolution!

    Akira, also written as AKIRA, is a Japanese cyberpunk comical series, written and pictured by Katsuhiro Otomo. In the United States, the comic was published by Marvel Comics rephrased as their English performance.

    Unexpectedly it was the first Japanese comical series that was ever translated into English for American followership. The comic was first released in 1982 and there have been 6 editions of it.

    Product Details:

    Material: Premium Quality 100% Cotton
    Lining: Polyester
    Colour: Red / Black
    Pocket: Two Outside & Two  Inside
    Accessories: Original YKK's
    Fastening: Zipper + Popper + Clip
    Care: Dry-Clean only
    Suitable For All Seasons
    Style: Akira Capsule / Halloween / Bomber

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